AI Handbook

An AI Handbook for Churches and Charities – 25% discount

“An AI Handbook for Churches and Charities” is a practical handbook for any organisation ready to embark on their AI journey.

Discover the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and unlock new possibilities for your faith-based organization. This comprehensive handbook provides churches and charities with practical guidance, ethical considerations, and real-world examples to navigate the integration of AI technologies. From optimizing operations to enhancing community outreach, empower your organization to embrace AI’s positive impact and drive meaningful change in service to your mission.

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Artificial Intelligence
  • Chapter 2: The Foundation of AI for Churches and Charities
  • Chapter 3: The Current Landscape of Churches and Charities
  • Chapter 4: AI Applications in Enhancing Outreach Efforts
  • Chapter 5: Revolutionizing Fundraising and Donor Engagement with AI
  • Chapter 6: Optimizing Resource Management and Operational Efficiency with AI
  • Chapter 7: Ethical Considerations and Challenges in AI Implementation
  • Chapter 8: Embracing the Future: AI and the Path Ahead for Churches and Charities

Bonus Activities & Tools

  • Practical Activities
  • AI Tools & Resources
  • Extensive Workbook based on all chapters

The book can be downloaded here:

There is a 25% discount for West & North Yorkshire Chamber Members, by using the code: WNYC2024 at checkout.