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Free workshop on Carbon Footprinting

With the current lack of clarity for businesses, Carbon Neutral Group are offering a free workshop for businesses who want to explore and understand their Carbon Journey, explaining what to watch out for and how they can help.

Key information for the workshop:

  • The goal of the workshop is to enable fellow members to have a clear understanding of what they need to be doing or should be doing to help them on their journey to Net Zero.
  • It will cover what businesses are doing today, how to get started and what to consider.
  • What is involved in the assessment(s)?
  • Where is this needed now and the future, i.e. selling to the public sector.
  • What is carbon offsetting and when do you offset?
  • What else do you need to be thinking of?
    • Green plan development
    • Statement to the market
    • Regulations that may need considering (SECR)
    • Reduction strategies


This can be guidance through to working with us to help with all of the above.  The delivery is dependant on the clients needs.

Enquire about the workshop here: 

Or contact us…  Tel: 0113 208 2634