Adams Foodservice wins top national industry award

In a momentous achievement, Bradford headquartered Adams Foodservice Trading Ltd has been awarded the prestigious Federation of Wholesale Distributors Gold Award for Foodservice Wholesaler of the Year. From its humble beginnings as a corner shop on Little Horton Lane funded by World War II veteran Mirza Khan (Dad), Adams Foodservice has evolved into a leading entity within the Foodservice sector.

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors’ Gold Award, recognising Adams Foodservice as the best Foodservice Wholesaler, is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry. The competition was stiff, with esteemed runners-up Bidfood UK and JJ Food Service Limited, both formidable players in the wholesale business.

Adams Foodservice attributes this success to its dedicated team, valued partners, family, and the well wishes of the community. The company expressed gratitude for the collaborative spirit that has propelled them to the pinnacle of the industry.

Director Sajad Hussain, elated with the achievement, remarked, “This award is a testament to the vital role our organisation plays in the local community and the broader Foodservice landscape. Being featured on the BBC is a recognition we are immensely proud of.”

Beyond their industry accolades, Adams Foodservice has been making significant strides in sustainability. The main trading company is proud to be a net-zero entity, recently featured by British Gas for its commitment to environmental responsibility. Their fleet of electric company vehicles, reliance on 100% green energy, and installation of solar panels on major depots (totalling over 9) underscore their commitment to a greener world.

Not content with business success alone, Adams Foodservice has also become a pivotal player in the Ramadan Charities Cake Campaigns. Over the past decade, they have distributed over 60,000 cakes during the holy month, generating an impressive £2.3 million in net proceeds for various charities. These funds have been utilised for causes both domestic and international, exemplifying the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Even in retirement, the founders of Adams Foodservice are not resting. Engaging in philanthropic endeavours, they run a green, sustainable profit-for-purpose farm in Pakistan. The farm not only promotes environmental responsibility but also provides employment opportunities, particularly for women on the poverty line.

Mohammed Kola, Finance Director at Adams Foodservice, revealed the company’s commitment to substantial growth aligning with a broader ethos of community support. Emphasising Adams Foodservices integral role in represented communities, Mohammed credited the workforce’s dedication for the company’s remarkable growth. Ambitious plans are on the horizon, reflecting a steadfast commitment to further community impact through ongoing expansion.

Adams Foodservice Trading Ltd has indeed carved a remarkable niche for itself, not just as a leading fast-growing entity in the Foodservice sector but as a beacon of innovation, community engagement, and sustainability. Their story is not just about business success but a testament to the positive impact a company can have on both local and global communities.