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Bradford based architectural design practice; Faum Architecture has been shortlisted as part of a local design-led collaboration for the prestigious RIBA Beacon Project.

Bradford, 31st July 2023 Faum Architecture, a young and dynamic architectural design practice based in Bradford, is proud and excited to announce that it’s been shortlisted as part of a local
design-led collaboration for the prestigious RIBA Beacon Project. Faum Architecture, in association with GWP Architecture, Empace Structural Engineers and Bradford Moor Pass, is now preparing the next phase of the submission.

The Beacon Project is an extraordinary opportunity to design a temporary mobile event venue that will serve as a dynamic arts space during 2025 cultural activities across the district. The new
creative space aims to celebrate Bradford’s rich cultural heritage, foster connections with diverse communities, and ignite creativity and inspiration among residents and visitors.

“We are truly honoured to be considered for this project and to collaborate with the Bradford community to create something extraordinary,” said Fatima Mejbil, Design Lead at FAUM
Architecture. “Our design philosophy centres around social value and inclusivity, ensuring that the Beacon becomes a vibrant hub where the community comes alive and where the voices of the
unheard find a platform to be heard. FAUM Architecture, established in 2008 by Principal Founder Umer Akbar, is deeply rooted within the community of Bradford. Our core philosophy centres around community engagement and inclusivity, recognising the power of design to affect positive change and ensuring that our community has access to well-designed, inspiring spaces. The essence of Bradford resides in its people—their stories, traditions, and the indomitable spirit that flows through their veins. The team are largely born and bred in Bradford, intimately connected to its streets, its history, and the collective memories that shape its identity. It is this profound sense of belonging that fuels the team’s passion for creating an iconic space that embodies the essence of the community. It is through the fusion of diverse perspectives that the city can unlock its potential for culture and heritage.

As the competition moves to the next phase, the design team will be eager to collaborate with additional community organisations that reflect the amazing diversity of the city and district. The
team’s goal and vision is to ensure the Beacon becomes an iconic symbol that brings people together, celebrates Bradford’s history, and embraces the city’s vibrant youth culture.
FAUM Architecture, with its extensive knowledge of the city’s rich heritage and close ties to the community, brings a unique insight into the cultural significance of the project. Their commitment to celebrating Bradford’s history and engaging with diverse communities ensures that the design reflects the true essence of the city.

“For the past year, we have been collaborating with Faum Architecture on a number of opportunities and are delighted to be part of the team shortlisted to the final five for an amazing opportunity in Bradford”, said Richard Townend, Director at GWP Architecture. In addition, James Mason, Chief Executive of the West & North Yorkshire Chamber, commented, “We are absolutely thrilled that our Chamber members, Faum Architecture and colleagues have been selected for the final stage of this design competition. It would be fabulous to see a local design collaboration deep-rooted in Bradford design this iconic project. The Chamber wishes them all the best for the next stage.”