Bradford-based author and business owner Helen Hill wins a third accolade for business book Falling Off The Ladder

Bradford-based author Helen Hill and business owner of UnlikelyGenius has received her third accolade for her business book Falling Off The Ladder: Revamp your Mindset and Thrive in Self-Employment.

Falling Off The Ladder details Helen’s transition from employment to self-employment and how she established a thriving business within a year saving her mental and physical health in the process. It also contains the stories of nine other freelancers who have successfully made the leap.

Following hot on the heels of receiving the Highly Commended Award in the Wellness & Wellbeing category at the Business Book Awards, Helen promptly received a Bronze medal at the Global Book Awards in the Job Hunting & Career Guide category. This third commendation is as a runner-up in the Entrepreneurship category at the Book Excellence Awards.

After each themed chapter, the part-journal, part self-help guide provides activities for others to build their resilience and thrive in self-employment too.

A designer by trade, Helen initially started her a writing habit by taking part in a blog writing challenge called Write 52 for which she wrote a blog post every week for a year. An avid book hoarder, only 18 months ago one of these posts declared her admiration of authors and explained ‘Why I will not call myself a writer… yet’’. It is significant surprise and wildly beyond her expectations to not just have a book published, but also to have it recognised in this way. Though she regularly feels an imposter at writing, she says writing has become a very therapeutic activity for her.

“Writing the book was very therapeutic for me — both to acknowledge the progress I’ve made since hitting rock bottom and having to throw myself into self-employment, and also for providing distraction during a tough time where we lost my beloved dad and groovy grandma (both of whom the book is dedicated to) in quick succession in 2021.

My dad was so proud of me for writing the book, and it was with huge sadness he never saw publication day, but I know he is even prouder now”.

Asked whether another book is on the way Helen says that business book number two is indeed in progress, but is currently on hold until after the release of her first children’s book for her second business, Be The Future, in June of this year. Though she does add that anything can happen when she gets the whim and puts her mind to something, so it could be on it’s way sooner than planned. To connect with Helen visit UnlikelyGenius.com and BeTheFuture.earth