City of York Council Executive approves new Improvement Plan

City of York Council’s Executive has approved a new Corporate Improvement Framework, subject to consultation.

The Framework is part of a programme of work to deliver the Council Plan, ‘One City, for all’ that was agreed by full council in September 2023. That plan embeds four core commitments; Equalities, Affordability, Climate and Health (EACH).

The new Framework is designed to ensure delivery of the “How the council operates” strategic theme of the Council Plan 2023-2027, and the promise that “improving customer experience will drive everything we do.”

The Framework has been developed by the Chief Operating Officer, in consultation with the Corporate Leadership Group (Corporate Directors, Directors and Assistant Directors) and informed by the LGA Peer Challenge, February 2024.

The Framework is intended to be updated with feedback from additional sources, such as the resident consultation, staff surveys and detailed action plans co-designed with Executive, officers, and partners.

The Framework provides an initial 12-months action plan and a foundation for continuous improvement to ensure a more effective and efficient council for residents and officers to be proud of.

Public consultation on the Improvement Framework will launch on 13 May 2024 at noon, and will be open for six weeks.

The Corporate Improvement consultation is designed to be the first of what will become a series of consultations, allowing residents to suggest ways in which the council can become more effective and efficient, and leading to budget-related consultation as the council looks to make savings across its Medium-Term Financial Strategy.

The council is keen to encourage all residents, regardless of age or background, to take part and have their say. Residents will be asked to comment on the Framework, and to help focus on the things that matter most to them, targeting support to where most needed, whilst encouraging communities to help themselves, where they can.

Council Leader, Councillor Claire Douglas said,

“Our Council Plan, ‘One City for all’ was clear about us delivering the very best Council services possible. We expect a council that York can be proud of, and have made the commitment that improving customer experience will drive everything we do.

  “This Improvement Framework is a key element of that work. But engaging, and consulting the people of York is essential to making sure these are the right steps, that the Council we become is the one they want, and we are able to manage within the more and more limited financial resources available to us and councils across the UK.”

Chief Operating Officer Ian Floyd, who will lead the work of the Improvement Plan, said,

“We now have approval for an improvement framework we have been working on since approval of the Council plan. We have not hidden the financial challenges, or the importance of taking a hard look at how we work if we are going to make sustainable progress to becoming a modern council, delivering what our customers and stakeholders want, in ways they want, at a price we can all afford. It is critical that we involve everyone in the work, and that we hear all voices as we move forward. I urge people to get involved and to take part in the process over the coming months.”

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