York Council 31052023

Council Elects New Leader – Executive Team confirmed

City of York Council has approved its new leadership team at a full council meeting this morning (25th May 2023) through the election of Councillor Claire Douglas as the Leader of the Council.
Councillor Pete Kilbane will serve as Councillor Douglas’s Deputy and will take on executive portfolio responsibilities for Transport and the Economy.

As leader, Councillor Douglas has the power to appoint the Council’s Executive Members. The new Council Executive sees a reduction of two portfolios to seven, reducing the public cost of the Executive by over £35,000 every year.

Councillor Douglas, who will take the lead on Policy, Strategy and Partnerships (including Devolution) as well as regional and national matters, said,

“I’m delighted to become council leader and want to thank the people of York for the clear mandate they gave us in the recent elections.  I am proud and honoured to have been elected as the first woman to lead City of York Council, and to lead such a talented and committed executive team, with at least equal representation for women on my Executive.

“We have been clear with the people of York about our priorities and will now be developing a plan with council officers to ensure we deliver them.

“My Executive is committed to making improvements in all areas of the council’s responsibilities and to working alongside council staff, the public and the council’s partners to achieve this. Our early priorities are to ensure full access for all to the city centre, getting started on delivering free school meals for primary schools and beginning to tackle the shortfall of affordable housing in the city.

“There is some hard work ahead, but I am confident that York has the right political leadership, and will, to meet the challenges in front of us”

The new executive members in addition to Councillor Douglas and Councillor Kilbane, are:

  • Councillor Katie Lomas, with responsibilities for Finance, Performance, Major Projects and Equalities
  • Councillor Michael Pavlovic, with responsibilities for Housing, Planning and Safer Communities
  • Councillor Bob Webb, with responsibilities for Children, Young People and Education
  • Councillor Jo Coles, with responsibilities for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Social Care
  • Councillors Jenny Kent and Kate Ravilious (job-share), with responsibilities for Environment and Climate Emergency

The Council AGM also appointed a new Lord Mayor, Sheriff and Deputy Lord Mayor, as well as determining Committee Arrangements, and the allocation of seats and appointments to the Council Structure and Other Bodies for 2023/24