Council elects new Lord Mayor and confirms new Executive Team

City of York Council has elected the new Lord Mayor of York, and approved its new leadership team at a full council meeting today (23rd May 2024)

Councillor Claire Douglas remains as the Leader of the Council and has responsibility for Policy, Strategy and Partnerships.

Councillor Pete Kilbane stays as Deputy Leader with executive portfolio responsibilities for Economy and Culture.

As leader, Councillor Douglas has the power to appoint the Council’s Executive Committee.

The executive members in addition to Councillors Douglas and Kilbane, are:

  • Councillors Katie Lomas and Anna Baxter (job share) with responsibilities for Finance, Performance, Major Projects, Human Rights, Equality and Inclusion
  • Councillor Michael Pavlovic, with responsibilities for Housing, Planning and Safer Communities
  • Councillor Kate Ravilious, with responsibilities Member for Transport
  • Councillor Robert Webb, with responsibilities for Children, Young People and Education
  • Councillor Lucy Steels-Walshaw, with responsibilities for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Social Care
  • Councillor Jenny Kent, with responsibilities for Environment and Climate Emergency

The Council AGM also appointed a new Lord Mayor, Sheriff and Deputy Lord Mayor.

Those are to be Councillor Margaret Wells as Lord Mayor, Fiona Fitzpatrick as Sheriff and Councillor Chris Cullwick as Deputy Lord Mayor.

Full Council also determines Committee Arrangements, and the allocation of seats and appointments to the Council Structure and Other Bodies for 2023/24.