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Delegate travels from New Zealand to attend Verner Wheelock course

Such is the respect within the flavourings industry for flavour chemist Professor David Baines and flavour application specialist Richard Seal, that a delegate waited three years and travelled halfway around the globe to be trained by them.

The two specialists created and deliver Verner Wheelock’s 5-day Creating Thermal Process Flavours course, which took place in Skipton recently. The only course of its kind in the UK, it is aimed at flavourists working in New Product Development and flavour technology in the food, seasonings and flavour industries.

Julie Ilagan, an NPD Manager from Sherratt Ingredients in Auckland, had originally booked to take the unique course in 2020. However due firstly to UK Covid 19 restrictions and then New Zealand ones, she was unable to travel to the UK until this year.

It seems the course was well worth the wait. She says, “I had been looking for some savoury flavours training for some time and my manager found this course with Verner Wheelock. It’s been great! David and Richard really know their stuff and I’ve learnt so much from them. It has everything you want from this type of course, from flavour theory through to application and networking. I can’t wait to recommend it to other colleagues.”

Creating Thermal Process Flavours comprises a blend of lectures and hands-on practical sessions to give delegates the knowledge and opportunity to develop and compound their own flavour systems and apply their creations to a range of food products. Because of its intensity and specialist nature,  the course has a truly international appeal.

“It’s not too far from the truth to say that over the years we have attracted delegates from everywhere except Antarctica,” says Verner Wheelock’s Marketing and PR Manager, Rachel Maud. “This year, as well as Julie from New Zealand, we have welcomed delegates from Canada, South Korea, The Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Ireland and the UK. A special mention must also go out to two ladies from Enzym Company who travelled from Lviv in Ukraine, an area which has been subject to Russian air strikes.”

Not only do the delegates leave the course armed with their own flavours toolkit to apply directly to their own products, but firm friendships are also made. These are formed during collaborative working but also through social events throughout the week arranged by the Verner Wheelock team. As Julie says, “In the outside world we might be competitors, but within the course we all talk and share experiences and ideas. I’ve met potential customers and suppliers and made some really good friends.”

The next Creating Thermal Process Flavours course will take place in October 2024. For more information, or to find out about Verner Wheelock’s 2-day Introduction to Flavours course, please visit