Expedition Yorkshire delivers unforgettable exclusive tours of Yorkshire the north of England and beyond with distinction quality and flair!

Expedition Yorkshire delivers unforgettable exclusive tours of Yorkshire the north of England and beyond with distinction quality and flair!

Tour guiding found me, I was working as an actor but Shakespeare wasn’t paying the bills, I wasn’t great at waiting tables but I had a knack for meeting people and showing them round London, I ended up guiding in many ways, classic Minis, luxury Mercedes Sprinter Buses and even hot air balloons, then in 2020 it all went pop, the pandemic pressed the stop button on tourism especially international tourism. I found myself sitting on the sofa and not in a good way with my wife and 2-year-old son with nowhere to go, a plan was needed… Expedition Yorkshire was born.

We moved to York in summer 2021 and I set about founding Expedition Yorkshire a company that would run high quality private tours of Yorkshire, the North of England and beyond, during the planning phase five thousand research miles were driven, the company is particularly focused on the inbound tourism market, we welcome guests from anywhere but because my wife Jo is American we started to really build our links to the American travel trade this also means Expedition Yorkshire is considered an export company because our sales largely happen overseas, England and the UK has incredible scenery, many fantastic hotels for around the last twenty years but a smaller amount of tour and experience options that were exclusive and top tier, this is where Expedition Yorkshire comes in, all our tours are private and aboard the Mercedes Benz V Class Vehicle, our average tour is around one hundred and fifty miles in length and we discuss, history, the here and now, geology, culture, the state of the world and anything else my guests wish to cover, it’s always conversational and informed but never a script, fundamentally it’s always about the guests having an incredible time that will create wonderful memories that will last for years to come.

When Expedition Yorkshire started, doors were hard to open but I had the incredible fortune to meet Simon Mahon, the General Manager of The Grand, York. Simon’s willingness to try something new and support a start-up local business set him apart, he was aboard our Mercedes Benz V Class Trying out the Whitby tour with other senior team members from The Grand. Of all the tours that I’ve led that is the one where I was most nervous, I can’t even tell you how many times I polished the seats before that tour!

More than a year has passed since then and we have undertaken a whole variety of tours including The Grand’s new literary tours, featuring all things Brontë and Bram Stoker and we look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with Yorks finest hotel! We have now booked and delivered more than one hundred-day tours and counting and we have also just recruited Richard, our second very talented guide who is currently in training. We now offer five different ready-to-go tours including our transfer tours where an intercity transfer is combined with a tour, from York to Edinburgh each way is proving popular London each way is being developed, lastly we are showing international fans of the new All Creatures Great & small Tour around some of the stunning filming locations in The Yorkshire Dales on our dedicated All Creatures Great & Small Tour.

Looking to the future there are numerous ways we are looking at developing Expedition Yorkshire, one such example would be providing tours to large companies that operate in Yorkshire, helping them to show off this stunning county and all its incredible possibilities to new recruits, team builders, overseas colleagues, investors and potential investors. Should you wish to know more about our operations and plans for the future then please don’t hesitate to make contact, we love talking to others and seeing where possibility, collaboration, and opportunity may take our luxury eight seat van or even vans to next!