First Intuition’s 2023 Accountancy Academy back as strong as ever

“An amazing couple of days and a huge success”

At First Intuition, we pride ourselves on our ability to create a warm and inviting environment in which aspiring accountants can flourish.   First Intuition’s Accountancy Academy plays a pivotal role in ensuring we consistently achieve this aim.

Our hugely popular First Intuition Accountancy Academies were launched in Leeds back in 2017.  Since then, they have given many 16-18-year-olds from schools, academies, and colleges across Yorkshire the opportunity to find out what a career in accountancy is really about.

Our ability to shatter the usual myths (Isn’t accountancy boring?  Isn’t it just grey suits and briefcases?) is, we believe, how we will attract the next generation of accountants.  It shows ambitious teenagers the full breadth, range and variety of the roles accountancy offers and the different ways they can turn their interest into a fulfilling and rewarding career.

This was the starting point for our latest event in Leeds.

We created a packed two days that started with a series of activities to calm the attendees nerves.  We then ran informative sessions hosted by a diverse range of accountants from national heavyweights including the NHS and Leeds Building Society and leading local firms BHP and Kirk Newsholme before moving into more practical territory with a CV clinic and mock interviews.  At every turn, we shared a wealth of top tips that will make our attendees more credible and more attractive candidates to future employers.

The programme culminated with our team activity.  We split the attendees into groups and tasked them with creating their own festival from scratch.

They had to work as a team to put together a presentation that would introduce the theme of their festival and then explain how they planned to tackle budget, security, advertising and marketing, accessibility and pricing to a judging panel.

This must have been daunting task for the groups.  The panel were all experienced professionals, including qualified Chartered Accountants. Some of which could end up as potential employers.  All the groups, however, exceeded themselves!  After a series of highly engaging and creative presentations, a unanimous decision was reached and the winners were announced.  You now need to keep a lookout for the world’s first one-hit wonder festival!


First Intuition’s Accountancy Academy bounces back as strong as ever