Harrogate Spring Water champions mindful drinking at Royal Ascot event with LK Bennett

Harrogate Spring Water, the Official Water Supplier of Ascot and Royal Ascot, recently hosted a stylish event at The Ivy, York, in collaboration with Official Womenswear Sponsor, LK Bennett.

Influencers from across the North of England were invited to indulge in Harrogate Spring Water-based non-alcoholic cocktails whilst previewing the new Royal Ascot collection from LK Bennett.

Actress and lifestyle entrepreneur Natalie Anderson compered the event and led a Q&A session for attendees with Harrogate Spring Water and LK Bennett.

“I’m a huge advocate for creating a space where everyone can enjoy themselves, regardless of their alcohol intake,” Natalie shared. “The Mindful Drinking campaign at Ascot is such a positive step, and I love that Harrogate Spring Water is leading the way.”

The discussion focused on Harrogate Spring Water’s Mindful Drinking campaign at Ascot, with Natalie offering her unique perspective.

The brand has been the Official Water of Ascot and Royal Ascot since 2015, actively promoting hydration and mindful drinking among racegoers.

LK Bennett then took the stage to unveil the inspiration behind their collection and this season’s hottest Royal Ascot trends.

Gemma McNamara, manager at LK Bennett’s Harrogate store said: “Royal Ascot is all about expressing your personal style with confidence.

“In our busy lives, we rarely have the opportunity to experiment with fashion. This event allowed guests to indulge in some self-care and explore new looks beyond their usual choices.

“Our collection offers a variety of stunning pieces, from timeless silhouettes to modern trends, ensuring everyone can create a memorable race day ensemble.”

Guests were treated to an exclusive opportunity to browse and try on the elegant collection of dresses, hats and accessories, perfectly suited for the upcoming Royal Ascot festivities.

Influencer Caroline Smith (AKA Simply Caroline) summed up the day: “This event was such a breath of fresh air! I loved seeing how stylish looks can be paired with mindful drinking. The Harrogate Spring Water cocktails were delicious and inspiring, and they made me think about exploring mindful consumption this summer.

“Trying on pieces from the stunning new LK Bennett collection was a revelation – some unexpected styles ended up looking fantastic! I left feeling empowered and excited to share the latest Ascot trends with my followers.”

Harrogate Spring Water’s commitment to mindful drinking at Ascot was a key focus of the event. The company’s ground-breaking initiative, launched in 2021, established Royal Ascot’s first-ever mindful drinking bar featuring reduced and non-alcoholic options. The bar’s resounding success led to its permanent incorporation within the Royal Ascot racecourse, attracting a growing number of patrons seeking mindful drinking experiences.

Charlie Porteous, brand manager at Harrogate Spring Water, said: “At Harrogate Spring Water, we believe mindful drinking isn’t about depriving yourself or missing out on the fun. It’s about creating a balance that allows you to truly #DrinkLifeIn and savour every precious moment, whether you choose to celebrate with or without alcohol.

“With Royal Ascot being a prestigious event, we want to ensure everyone feels included and empowered to enjoy themselves on their own terms. Whether you’re opting for a refreshing glass of Harrogate Spring Water or a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail, staying hydrated and making mindful choices allows you to be fully present and create lasting memories.”

Harrogate Spring Water’s national survey conducted last year revealed a significant shift towards mindful drinking. Nearly 38% of respondents said they actively practised mindful drinking with alcohol, while 24% had already reduced their intake.

The survey also highlighted the growing interest among younger generations, with 48% of Gen Zs and 33% of millennials expressing motivation to explore mindful drinking and moderation at social events in the summer.

The beautiful Etty Room at The Ivy in York served as the perfect location for the event, showcasing the elegance of LK Bennett’s collection while promoting Harrogate Spring Water’s innovative mindful drinking approach. The event underscored the growing trend in mindful consumption and its seamless integration with sophisticated social experiences.

Harrogate Spring Water has a dedicated Mindful Drinking Hub on its website with links to its mindful drinking survey as well as mindful drinking tips and tricks from experts including Dr Alex George and a host of mindful cocktail recipes to try.