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Help for Dependency – Who We Are

The Romani Foundation – Help for Dependency was founded in 2019 and is located in the Bradford area. As a Charity we are primarily based online and engage via our website and social media platforms with people in our local area, the UK and on occasions with people from other countries.

Help for Dependency’s whole ethos is dedicated to helping those struggling with dependency or addiction, their family and friends – helping to beat dependency and addiction by improving their mental/emotional health and wellbeing. By providing information and help to better understand substance use, addictive disorders and the difference between dependency v addiction; we hope that people will be able to make better lifestyle choices and be signposted to getting the right help.

It’s fair to say that each one of us will know of someone who has issues with addiction and/or dependency; whether the person is a friend, family member, colleague or even yourself. It’s important to us that addiction/dependency is not stigmatised and that everyone gains a  better understanding of this ‘disease of the brain’ and ultimately are able to help themselves or others.

Since the inception of the Charity we’ve had a ‘tough road’ to follow and much of our work has been via self funding from our CEO with a couple of microgrants to help us on our way and as with everyone else COVID had some impact on delaying projects. On a day-to-day basis the charity is run by the CEO and a part time member of staff with the backing of a small board of trustees. So what have we done?

● Our initial work was centred around constructing the website; taking many months of research and editing to establish detailed information that covers a wealth of topics.

● The website has a contact page that enables us to engage with people & signpost them to help/support for their dependency/addiction, this has proved very

● Social media platforms were established and remain a key source of engagement. People also contact us via private messenger for help and support; again this has had successful outcomes.

● We have worked closely with partners and a production company to provide educational films on different types of dependency/addictions and we’re currently rescoping lesson plans with teachers and PSHE advisors so that we can bring much-needed education to children and young people.

● A small microgrant enabled us to take a good look at the organisation’s resilience and future development. This has given us clear objectives and focus.

● We have nurtured effective working relationships with partners and continue to expand in this area.

● The Charity has an established constitution and relevant policies aligned with this.

● As we engage with children, young people and vulnerable adults on occasion, the relevant staff are DBS checked, have NSPCC Safeguarding Qualifications, attended extensive training in substance misuse/addictive behaviours and undertaken course in Motivational Interviewing techniques; again, all personally funded by the CEO.

● Working with an established scientific body, we’ve also compiled information for the Business sector with regard to substance use, other addictive behaviours eg gambling in the workplace, as these issues are now seriously affecting the economy.

● The CQC also invited us to become part of their Public Engagement Network, which assesses the care given/received by users.

● Our most recent project has received a small community lottery fund grant. With this we are compiling a database of where people can get help and support for their dependency/addiction and the issues that are associated such as mental health, counselling, recovery rehab, alternative therapies etc. This will be available on the website and users will be able to select the issue that concerns them along with their location and be signposted to the correct help and support for them.

These are the links to our website,social media platforms and contact details, so please take a look and if we can be of any help and support to you then please contact us …..

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