Housing association and partners visit local scheme - Kinara Close

Housing association and partners visit local scheme

Kinara Close in Keighley was the centre of attention when Bradford Council Neighbourhood Wardens and representatives of West Yorkshire Police and Bradford District Credit Union joined Manningham Housing Association (MHA) board and staff members on a special visit to engage with local residents.

It was the latest in a series of Scheme Focus events organised by MHA which manages more than 1,400 affordable homes for over 6,000 residents in Keighley and Bradford.

The initiative seeks to enable residents in MHA housing developments across Bradford district to meet team members at every level of the organisation alongside key stakeholders who work closely with them to support local communities.

Lee Bloomfield, MHA chief executive, said: “It was wonderfully productive and enjoyable morning.

“It is crucially important for us as a community-based housing association to get out and about to meet residents in their neighbourhoods.

“The MHA board rightly feels it is important for them to engage directly with residents to better inform the decision-making process at board meetings, complementing the work of our staff who are on the ground every day talking to local people.”

Rupert Pometsey, MHA vice-chair, said: “I was delighted to see a full turnout of board members at Kinara Close.

“Most importantly, it was an absolute pleasure to meet local residents to discuss how we are serving their needs and, indeed, how we might do even better.

“Having our friends at Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Police and Bradford District Credit Union on hand to deal with different queries from residents was also really helpful and made the visit even more worthwhile for all involved.”

Cath Bacon, MHA tenant board member who was named Tenant of the Year at last year’s Northern Housing Awards, said:

“It is important to constantly reinforce the message that there are no barriers between residents and MHA, including our board members.

“Visiting individual schemes and speaking to tenants on their own doorsteps is the best way to achieve this, and also lots of fun!”

Zahida, a Kinara Close resident, said: “I am overwhelmed by the support provided by Manningham Housing Association.  Two caretakers recently helped to clear all the overgrown bushes on Kinara Close, they were two gems.

“As a fosterer looking after a child with autism, MHA has supported me with what I do and enabled me to directly assist around 20 local families with foster care.

“There is a need for a local play area around Kinara Close.  I have identified land at the end of Kinara Close and believe it can be transformed into a play area.  I have volunteered to become a Scheme Champion and will be working with Sayed, our MHA Neighbourhood Officer, to help develop the project.”