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Hunter Gee Holroyd Expands Service Proposition in Partnership with Synergy Commercial Finance

Hunter Gee Holroyd, a leading independent accountancy firm based in York, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Synergy Commercial Finance. This collaboration further strengthens Hunter Gee Holroyd’s service offering, allowing them to provide a broader range of financial solutions to their valued clients.

With 90 years of experience, Hunter Gee Holroyd has established itself as a trusted provider of plain-speaking financial advice to a diverse portfolio of owner-managed and family-owned businesses. Recognising the evolving needs of their clients, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic and a turbulent market economy, Hunter Gee Holroyd sought to expand their services beyond traditional accounting support.

Managing Director, Mark Grewer’s plan to assist clients in securing the necessary finance led him to Synergy Commercial Finance, introduced by fellow York resident Nick Simpson, CEO of AFS Group Holdings, the parent company of Synergy Commercial Finance.

Initially, the two companies collaborated on an informal basis, with Hunter Gee Holroyd referring ad-hoc financing enquiries to Synergy. The success of these ventures prompted the decision to formalise the partnership and actively promote Synergy’s services within Hunter Gee Holroyd’s client base.

Reflecting on the partnership, Mark Grewer stated:

“The initial pilot engagement resulted in three successful loans for clients with diverse needs: property development financing, premises refurbishment, and investment in a retail outlet. In all three cases, the client feedback was excellent.”

This positive experience paved the way for the formalisation of the partnership between Hunter Gee Holroyd and Synergy Commercial Finance.

Piotr Twaits, Managing Director of Synergy Commercial Finance, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying:

“As a service-oriented business, we fully understand the importance of reputation and the need to deliver a customer experience that aligns with Hunter Gee Holroyd’s own standards. It is a true


pleasure to work with a team that genuinely values its customers and goes the extra mile to help their businesses thrive.”