Inspectas Matthew Fahy and Fiona Lindsay join the Birkenshaw Blue Dogs rounders team to mark their kit sponsorship-HD

Inspectas sponsors multi-generational Yorkshire rounders team

A rounders team which shot to the top of its division during its first season has received a sponsorship boost from property compliance business, Inspectas.

The Birkenshaw Blue Dogs rounders team formed in 2022 from a desire by parents to “do something for us” in a male dominated sporting community. Today the team has more than 25 members including mothers and daughters and has secured kit co-sponsorship from Inspectas Property Compliance.

Captain Cat Shepherd-Holland, said: “We launched last summer after realising lots of women would love to get involved in something sporting. What’s been fantastic is how women of all ages and abilities have joined us and how we’re uniting generations and people who’ve had little sporting experience in the past.

“Rounders was something we didn’t know was missing from our lives and now we’ve found it, the support of sponsors like Inspectas gives us not only the resources but the confidence to keep on going, keep on growing and keep on benefitting from this fantastic sporting community that we are so excited to discover!”

The team’s quest for growth and inclusivity recently came to the attention of property compliance experts at Inspectas. Formed 10 years ago by asbestos removal specialists Birkenshaw-based Matthew Fahy and colleague Craig Candlish, Inspectas recently moved its 50-strong team into offices near Leeds.

Matthew said: “We know how hard you have to work to set something up from scratch – that’s exactly what we did with Inspectas – so our hope is that by becoming a co-sponsor of the team’s kit, we are helping to boost pride in their identity and elevate their profile and visibility as an established team within the West Yorkshire Rounders League.”

He added: “We’re absolutely delighted to be associated with a team whose values so clearly reflect our own and we’d like to wish them all the very best of luck as they move into and through division four!”