DRAX 19072023


  • Overwhelming numbers of Yorkshire and the Humber residents, 82% of respondents, believe it is important that their local MP supports the UK Government’s work to make the country Net Zero by 2050.
  • Local residents also want their MP to prioritise protecting and creating jobs in their local area (94%).


The polling, run by Focaldata, finds that over four in five people (82%) in Yorkshire and the Humber want their local MP to back the UK Government’s work to make the country’s economy Net Zero by 2050.

The representative survey of over 1,000 local people also shows that almost all (94%) say their MP ought to prioritise creating and protecting local jobs. A total of 78% said it was either very important or vital they do so.

The research, released ahead of the Selby and Ainsty by-election on July 20, shows the importance that Yorkshire and the Humber residents place on reaching Net Zero and the creation and retention of local jobs.

Richard Gwilliam, Chair of the Humber Energy Board and UK BECCS Programme Director at Drax Group, said:

“Local people in Yorkshire and the Humber are clear that they support efforts to create and protect jobs in the region and want their politicians to prioritise getting the country to Net Zero by 2050.

“This region has a golden opportunity to build on its proud heritage and deliver a green industrial revolution which sees Yorkshire and the Humber become a world-leader in the creation of green jobs while reducing and capturing carbon emissions and continuing to provide energy security.

“Residents want politicians, regardless of the party they belong to, to work together, alongside industry and other organisations, and make this vision a reality.”

Mark Casci, Head of Policy and Representation, West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, said:

“This polling clearly shows that communities across Yorkshire and the Humber understand the huge opportunity of net zero for creating and protecting green jobs and skills. It also shows local support for BECCS at Drax, a project that could see up to 10,000 jobs created and supported.

“Voters want their local representatives to publicly back local projects that will bring new and green jobs, skills and opportunities to West and North Yorkshire. As an organisation representing our area’s businesses – we would wholeheartedly agree. Yorkshire has the potential to be a world-leading exemplar of this future-facing technology, and it is crucial Drax is backed to fulfil this mission.”

The survey also revealed that a significant majority of local residents (82%) agreed that local MPs should support the development of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) at Drax Power Station in Selby, North Yorkshire.

The respondents also said that a positive impact on local jobs was the most important benefit that BECCS could bring (69%) to the region, the second was reducing and removing carbon emissions (64%).

Providing Drax secures the right support from the UK Government, the company plans to build two BECCS units at Drax Power Station by 2030, which could remove 8Mt of CO2 from the atmosphere per year.

The development of BECCS at the Selby power station could see up to 10,000 jobs created and supported at the project’s peak and help maintain energy security, as well as meet the UK’s legally binding Net Zero targets.