Planet & People First Verification Achievement

SVH Inc. CIC Achieves People and Planet First Verification!

SVH Inc. CIC is proud to announce its achievement of the prestigious People and Planet First Verification, underscoring our commitment to fostering sustainable, Strong, Vibrant, Happy, and Incorporated communities. As a certified member of Social Enterprise UK, this milestone marks a significant chapter in our journey to impact workplace and community wellbeing.

The first half of this year has been remarkable for SVH Inc. CIC. In May, our CEO Valentina Hynes was honoured with an invitation to the royal garden party at Buckingham Palace, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Commonwealth. Nominated by the Royal Commonwealth Society, where she has been an Associate Fellow since 2015, Mrs. Hynes and our founding Director, Stephen Hynes, joined distinguished guests in recognising global community efforts.

Reflecting on the experience, Valentina Hynes said, “It was such a special and unique day, and I am very proud to have been invited and to have such a royal platform to share the incredible work we do at SVH Inc. CIC.”

Valentina Hynes, CEO of SVH Inc. CIC, and Stephen Hynes at the royal garden party at Buckingham Palace, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Commonwealth.

In addition to this royal recognition, Valentina Hynes was awarded Business Woman of the Year 2023 at the Yorkshire Choice Awards and listed in the WISE100, acknowledging her as one of the top 100 female social entrepreneurs for 2024 in the UK. These accolades highlight her dedication to advancing mental health and workplace wellbeing, steering SVH Inc. CIC as a leading social enterprise.

At SVH Inc. CIC, we prioritise people and the planet. Our services include Mental Health First Aid training, Away Day experiences, leadership development, conversation cafes, and workplace wellbeing programmes. Each service is designed to enhance team wellbeing, productivity, and happiness, aligning with our core values of fairness and ethical standards.

As a Business for Good, we demonstrate that ethical practices and sustainable initiatives benefit not only the bottom line but also enrich the lives of employees, communities, and the environment. Our retainer service offers clients bespoke participation in community events, fostering a sense of purpose and camaraderie beyond the workplace.

Learn more about our retainer service offerings by visiting our services page.

For more information, please visit us at www.svhinc.co.uk or call us on 01423582034