Keighley Labratories

Robbie Moore MP Visits Keighley Laboratories, Celebrating Local Innovation and Engineering Excellence

Keighley Laboratories is hailed for its crucial role in driving industry innovation and fostering talent within the local community.

MP Robbie Moore visits Keighley Laboratories, showcasing local industry innovation and engineering prowess.

• Keighley Laboratories is hailed for its crucial role in driving industry innovation and fostering talent within the local community.

• The visit gives attention to Keighley Laboratories’ robust training programme and opportunities for young professionals ahead of the company’s participation in Bradford Manufacturing Weeks.

• MP’s visit symbolises recognition of the company’s impactful contributions to the local economy and the wider industry.


Keighley Laboratories was delighted to welcome Robbie Moore, Member of Parliament for Keighley and Ilkley.


The visit marks an important occasion to highlight the facilities’ contribution to local industry as well as showcase the region’s expertise in metallurgy and engineering. 


On the visit, Mr Moore was given the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge facilities at the site, where he was shown the extensive range of services Keighley Laboratories offers their clientele in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy and many more.


The visit also gave the platform for discussions around the crucial role played by the business in the local community, as well as showing how it is driving innovation in the industry. 


Speaking about the role it has played, Mr Moore said:


“Keighley is a powerhouse of talent with a manufacturing and engineering sector that has served as the backbone of our community for well over 100 years.”


“Businesses like Keighley Laboratories are therefore part of the heart and soul of Keighley, providing local, highly-skilled jobs and contributing to our wider economy by supporting a range of UK-wide sectors, including Passenger Transportation, Aerospace, Defence and Rail.”


Keighley Laboratories has a rich history, providing high-quality metallurgical and engineering services for over a century. 


Established in 1920, the company was acquired by the executive management team, Debbie and Matthew Mellor, who completed the acquisition from the existing shareholders in June 2023. 


The facility boasts modern state-of-the-art laboratories, equipped with advanced technology that is staffed by a team of experienced professionals. 


Keighley Laboratories also has a proven track record of training young professionals to a high standard. The company regularly has a representative at the Bradford Manufacturing Weeks, an initiative from the Bradford Chamber of Commerce that educates young people about the career opportunities available in UK manufacturing.


Mr Moore said “Companies like Keighley Laboratories are playing a vital role in boosting vocational career opportunities for our young people. “


“From my visit to Keighley Labs, I saw first-hand how the business is promoting career opportunities in manufacturing and engineering that give our young people a way to learn and earn and helping them take a fast-tracked route to a highly skilled job – and for the employers, our young people are bringing passion and energy into the business.”


Speaking about his visit, Managing Director Debbie Mellor said:


“Mr Moore’s visit highlights the crucial role that companies like ours play not just in the local community, but also in driving engineering growth in the UK.”


“Understanding our role in helping to produce and nurture the next generation of local talent in our industry is something that is very important to us, and we see it as our duty to help carry on the strength of this industry in West Yorkshire”