Survey of all York’s council homes begins ahead of developing investment plans

City of York Council is about to start looking at every single one of its council homes through a stock condition survey.

This survey of council homes will gather the information needed to plan and fund an improvement programme which regularly invests £10 million per year in the modernisation of the council’s 7,400 homes.

The data on all the homes will be used to understand which of our homes will need reroofing, for example, or need new doors. It will help develop efficient programmes of work, and in addition, it will be used to as evidence for funding applications to help support greater levels of investment.

Information from the survey will help improve services and support our residents on a day-to-day basis. By knowing more about the condition and fittings in residents’ homes, they can be repaired more promptly and efficiently. Any major health and safety issues that are identified will be addressed straight away.

Councillor Michael Pavlovic, Executive Member for Housing at City of York Council, said: “All residents have a right to live in good quality, well-maintained homes. This survey is part of our commitment to upgrading our existing homes and was agreed as part of our emergency budget in July.

“York’s council homes have been built over the past 100 years in many different styles and use a range of construction methods. All the information we gather from this survey, will be used to plan how a comprehensive programme which details how the homes can be modernised.

“This is the first time we have surveyed all of our housing stock in one project and is a major exercise, which requires access to every home. We want to thank our customers in advance for their support with this work and allowing access to their homes for the surveyors. It will all help us improve the way we work and, ultimately, the quality of the homes we provide.”