Sustainable Hosting that won’t cost the Earth

Sustainable Hosting. One of the easiest but most important changes to make to minimise your online carbon footprint and improve your reputation.

Yet it’s a consideration a lot of companies overlook when developing their sustainable strategy. But sustainable hosting doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Neither environmentally nor financially! York based web hosting company, HA, are passionate about supporting local businesses to maximise their potential whilst helping the environment.

Nick Bascombe-fox, CTO at HA said, “We are keen to help our local communities grow and succeed, at the same time as significantly reducing their impact on the environment, working together to achieve net zero by 2030.

We’ve set up our “HA Local” package, to provide companies with the tools they need to work towards achieving their sustainable goals, whilst ensuring their website performs at its best for a good customer experience AND saves them money!”

The impact on the environment

There is no avoiding the fact that technology has significantly developed and expanded over the years. The internet has become the fastest growing carbon polluting industry on the planet.

Our digital ways of working are having an increasingly negative effect on the environment. The more online data your company transmits means the number of servers required to handle it increases. And the more servers required means the more energy the data centre uses to run it. It is estimated that one server’s carbon footprint generates 7,360 kgCo2e. That’s the equivalent to driving over 18,032 miles in a car.

So how can online companies help this issue? Switching to sustainable hosting reduces the impact of 83.9% of a servers’ life cycle.

HA provide green web hosting sourced from wind and hydro assets, powering 83.9% of a server’s life cycle energy by 100% renewable energy. Esmond Hastings, CEO at HA said, “Providing sustainable hosting allows us to implement positive changes within our industry and offer our clients a way to move towards a more sustainable way of working.”

Make your website secure, fast and sustainable whilst saving money

Supporting local businesses become sustainable whilst also having reliable, secure and fast web hosting is exactly what the team at HA is passionate about delivering to its clients.

It is a challenging time with cost increases continually on the rise making it especially hard for businesses to keep up with the competition of big companies and have the budget to stand out from the crowd, scale and grow.

Consumers are becoming increasingly proactive when it comes to choosing sustainably focused companies. By switching to green web hosting, businesses demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, giving consumers confidence they’re purchasing products or services from an environmentally responsible company.

HA have put together an offer for local companies to boost their website performance and save them £600.

Local companies will receive hassle-free migration to sustainable hosting tailored to their needs with expert engineer support 24/7. PLUS, HA will include HA Edge (improving website speed up to 200% and handle increases in web traffic), HA WAF and SSL certificate (ensuring data is stored securely and preventing cyber-attacks) completely free of charge for the first year, a saving of £600.

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