Top marks to York Learning for renewing national quality award

National assessors have given full marks to City of York Council’s learning and training organisation by renewing its nationally-recognised quality mark.

The award recognises that support is given to individuals to make learning and work more accessible. It was made following a rigorous inspection involving evaluation by and discussions with learners, employers, partners and staff. 98% of learners interviewed said they gained confidence and improved knowledge and skills from working with York Learning.

Matrix is awarded for excellence in Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) services to clients and learners.

The Matrix assessor said: “York Learning supports individuals to thrive, improving their physical and emotional health and recognising the opportunities available to them. [It] is focused on a sense of place and the needs of learners. Strong working relationships enable the best use of local resources, skills, expertise and knowledge. By working in this way, there is an in-depth and common understanding of the workforce, learners, and community needs.

“This clarity of direction and vision is strongly articulated throughout City of York Council’s plans and priorities and York Learning is an integral part of this narrative. York Learning plays a central part in ensuring individuals, families and communities across the city reach their potential through lifelong learning, mutual self-help and through supporting communities.”

Councillor Jo Coles, City of York Council’s Executive Member for Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Social Care, said:

“Thank you to all our brilliant and dedicated York Learning staff. Their hard work, inspiring people to learn across the city, means our valued Matrix accreditation has been renewed. Going forwards, we are committed to delivering the best possible information, advice and guidance through our skills plan to all those who want to learn new skills and reach their full potential. There are always loads of interesting opportunities available for those who want them and courses are as flexible as possible to suit people’s needs as well as work/family commitments.”

The Matrix report said that York Learning is committed “to support people to achieve the best they possibly can, by delivering learning, skills and employability programmes to suit their needs”. Its mission continues to offer formal and informal learning courses, apprenticeships, traineeships, foundation courses and help to find jobs.

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