Cyber Security 05092023

Will it be a hattrick for local cyber security consultancy hosting Leeds Digital Festival events again for the third time.


Cyber Security Partners (CSP) are a consultancy that works with any business no matter size or industry to improve their cyber security posture and defences against potential cyber threats. CSP have been hosting numerous events with Leeds Digital Festival across four years but in 2021 they launched their very popular event ‘Who Dun It’ a cyber mystery event and now will be doing it again for the third time in this year’s Leeds Digital Festival programme. This particular event is an interactive session where participants will have to question the staff of a fictious company to find out how data was breached when they became a victim of a cyber-attack. The theme is like a murder mystery event with CSP role playing characters and giving clues or information to attendees. This year it is slightly different, as the attendees will have to identify where the weaknesses are and provide their conclusions on how the cyber-attack occurred instead of who committed the crime, to be able to win the prize.


CSP Consulting Director and the host for the evening, Kevin Else, said:

“Our Cyber ‘Who Dun It’ event has become increasingly popular each year and is a great way to think through the anatomy of a security breach. By interacting with both guests and CSP staff, knowledge is shared in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, leading to almost accidental learning.”

As a previous attendee said:

“I think ones like the evening event were great because it was something slightly different to online talks and that’s what really got me interested. That it was enjoyable and social, with great food and drinks, also created such a welcoming environment and demonstrated that cyber events can be really engaging :)” – ‘Who Dun It’ Attendee


Leeds Digital Festival is open to all businesses and individuals to help celebrate the tech and digital culture and opportunities within the local ecosystem in Leeds. The aim is to increase collaboration and awareness by showcasing the people and companies that make Leeds a huge digital hub up North. The programme starts on Monday 18th September – Friday 29th September 2023.


CSP also has two other events in this year’s programme, all three events are in-person, free to attend and easily accessible within the Leeds City Centre. The first event will be a morning session titled ‘Audits I have known’ which gives guidance on how to approach an audit, the right preparation, what you need to know and tips to help you handle information security audits. The second event is a panel session with four industry experts, discussing ‘How to get funding before a security breach’. This informative session will provide insights into how the security function defines the business benefits of securing the findings needed to implement robust information security. This will help you present your case to stakeholders in a positive light and highlighting the benefits rather than the consequences of not.


To sign up for CSP’s events, click on the links below:

  1. Audits I have known’ – Tuesday 19th September @8:30am – 10:00
  2. How to get funding before a security breach’ – Tuesday 26th September @12:30pm – 14:00
  3. Who Dun It’ – Wednesday 27th September @17:00 – 19:00


You can visit CSP’s website here, follow CSP on LinkedIn and signup to their newsletter here to never miss any important industry news, announcements and free helpful resources.