York residents have their say on the future of transport

Initial results from Our Big Transport Conversation, the recent consultation about transport in York, have shown overwhelming support for the ten policies put forward by Councillors.

On Thursday 14 March, Council Executive will hear an overview of the consultation process, which reached a wide audience including primary school children, college students, disabled residents, business and tourism representatives, transport operators and more.

During the ten-week process, a full suite of information was made available via an online portal, paper copies at each library and West Offices; ward committee meetings, mobile library visits, school visits, public drop-in sessions, and a wide range of outreach to community and special interest groups.

Among the ten policies, between 74% and 90% of people said they support the policies:

Policy Focus Area/ Vision % support % neutral % not support
1.       Shape a city that is accessible to everyone 90 6 4
2.       Improve walking, wheeling and cycling 85 7 5
3.       Shape healthy places 85 8 7
4.       Improving Public Transport 88 6 6
5.       Safeguarding our environment by cutting carbon, air pollution and noise 74 9 17
6.       Manage the road network for Movement and Place 81 11 8
7.       Reduce car dependency 78 8 14
8.       Improving freight and logistics 85 11 4
9.       Effective maintenance and enforcement and management of streetworks 83 11 6
10.   Monitoring the transport network and financing the changes 81 14 5


Executive will hear that 1,342 people responded to the online survey, and 35 people submitted paper copies of the questionnaire. In addition, 130 emails were received and each responded to and logged.

Following a proactive campaign to ensure that all residents had the opportunity to have their say, the consultation team visited and arranged to go to over 50 community groups and forums, ranging from the York Youth Council to community lunch clubs. In addition, social media posts reached over 100,000 people; bus stop screens, posters, flyers and CYC’s own networks were used to reach new migrants, business groups, disabled residents and groups, faith groups, young people, commuters and visitors.

Councillor Pete Kilbane, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy and Transport at City of York Council, said:

“I’d like to thank the team responsible for delivering such a significant and comprehensive consultation. We’re immensely grateful to everyone who responded to Our Big Transport Consultation and heartened by the results, which show that the people of York want to see changes to how they move around. By reaching all parts of the city through this consultation we have learnt much more about current needs, and how important access to an affordable, reliable and sustainable public transport network is for our residents and businesses.

“The next stage is to fully analyse the results and come back to residents with detailed plans for how to deliver the long term changes they’ve asked for, including a new Movement and Place Plan. In the meantime we’ve already agreed to implement a few quick wins. This is a great first step”.