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Bradford Hide Co Ltd

We are one of the largest suppliers of U.K. domestic cattle hides (ox/heifer and cow hides), calfskins, sheepskins, lambskins and goatskins. Through our three factories we handle approximately 20,000 cattle hides and 50,000 sheepskins and lambskins every week supplying leather tanneries around the World. Our customers are involved in leather jacket production both nappa and doubleface, upholstery leather, shoe production (sole leather, shoe upper leather and lining) as well as all other products made from leather. We can also supply croupons, backs and bellies from hides cut to the specific requirements of our customers. Our products are sourced fresh directly from abattoirs in the U.K. on a daily basis. They are graded, cured and packed ready for export. Cattle hides are supplied wetsalted and we can supply sheepskins and lambskins both wetsalted and drumsalted depending on the requirements of our customers. We also operate a bovine tannery based in England producing wet blue cattle hides. Holmes Halls (Processors) Ltd produce 8,000 – 9,000 wet blue hides weekly and can offer full substance or grain split hides. We also source greasy fleece wool direct from farms and would be interested to hear from potential suppliers. Once collected and graded this wool can be supplied greasy or scoured to potential mill customers abroad according to the specific requirements of the end user

Address : Dryden Street


Postcode : BD1 5ND