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Suzuki Garphyttan Ltd

KTS Wire Ltd take great pride in maintaining the company’s position as a leading manufacturer of plain carbon, alloy and stainless steel, rolled and shaped wires. KTS has practical knowledge and skills developed over more than half a century of manufacture in both consumer and industrial markets. When coupled with individual expertise and technical excellence, this experience ensures that the services and products offered achieve the high standards demanded by today’s market. KTS Wire Ltd. recognised the importance of selling its products throughout the world early in its development and has a long exporting history. KTS has major markets in USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. We have developed our markets so that today we export to over 30 countries, giving our customers the assurance that we can provide both the quality, technical and customer service to meet their exacting requirements.

Address : Howley Park Road Morley

City : LEEDS

Postcode : LS27 0BN

Nature of Business : Steel Wire Manufacturers