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Tissuemed Ltd

Tissuemed is a leading medical device company with a reputation for technical innovation dating back over twenty years. The company has its origins in the development of tissue-based therapeutic devices including developing the first tissue heart valve to gain regulatory approval in Europe, subsequently developing “living” vascular grafts and collagen patches.More recently Tissuemed has focused its considerable scientific expertise on the development of surgical sealants, culminating in the TissuePatch product family, unique surgical films with properties designed specifically to address the demands of surgeons needing to seal leakages of air, blood and other fluids. Tissuemed’s scientists are experts in their field and uniquely qualified to explore future developments of the company’s proprietary polymer technology. There are many potential applications for an absorbable synthetic material that becomes adherent on contact with internal tissue surfaces.

Address : 5 Killingbeck Drive

City : LEEDS

Postcode : LS14 6UF