10% off 7-week LinkedIncredible Training Program by Nigel Cliffe

10% off discount for both individuals and company-based groups if you’re a Chamber Member for my 7-week LinkedInCredible Training program, which leaves you with a complete strategy to maximise your understanding of how to use LinkedIn to generate sales. By the end, you will have optimised YOUR LinkedIn profile to attract the right audience for YOU. Just and quote the code: ‘WYNC’ to claim your discount!

  • Are you looking to improve engagement with your audience to lead to discussions that result in lead generation opportunities for your business?
  • Do you have a significant opportunity to expand your business and driving sales is critical to your success?
  • Perhaps you have already defined your target audience, and you may have a good idea about the type of people you’d like to attract but are wondering how to improve your targeting and engagement with them? How do you turn Connections and indeed prospect Connections into valuable clients of the future? And critically, how do you find more of the same?

In seven online meetings of between 60 and 90 minute I cover the following 12 LinkedInCredible steps to help YOU achieve success on LinkedIn:

1. Define the project aims
2. Define the measures of success
3. Identify target customers
4. Prospect mapping
5. LinkedIn Profile optimization
6. Upgrades to platforms
7. Content strategy
8. Customer journey review
9. Prospect database
10. Connection strategy
11. Engagement plan
12. Rinse and repeat and convert

Unlike other LinkedIn Courses, this LinkedInCredible Training program provides a more supportive approach to creating success on LinkedIn.

Every client I have ever worked with has reported improved results following my LinkedIn courses and support.
For many, it has literally changed their lives.

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