Children’s Heart Surgery Fund Christmas Collection, Friday 6th December 2019, Leeds Train Station.

Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, based in Leeds, provides support for children and adults in the Yorkshire region born with congenital heart disease, and their families.

This is everything from providing vital equipment used on the wards, toys and games for the children to play with whilst they are in hospital, to accommodation for families to stay in whilst their child is having surgery and recovering at the LGI. Children’s Heart Surgery Fund will be collecting from 8am-6pm at Leeds train station on Friday 6th December and are looking for volunteers to help out in 2 hour slots throughout the day.

A great opportunity to help out as a team or individual, whilst raise money for a great cause. They are also looking for musicians to play to the crowds of commuters and spread some festive cheer. Last year the collection raised nearly £1000, so come along and help on the day for as little or as long as you like and see if you can help raise more than ever! If you are interested in collecting, or know anyone who may be able to perform on the day, please get in touch with Charlotte Anderson-Hughes on 0113 831 4810 or email her at Any help would be greatly appreciated.