Ousewem unveils powerful video collaboration with The Artery to address environmental challenges

Ousewem, an innovative flood resilience project supporting vulnerable North Yorkshire communities, is proud to unveil an insightful video created in partnership with The Artery, a champion for creativity and collaboration in North Yorkshire’s rural and coastal communities.

Founded on the principles of fostering creativity and empowering early-career creatives, The Artery has received funding from Innovate UK’s Creative Catalyst to explore innovative collaborations between creatives and businesses. This funding has paved the way for a transformative partnership with Ousewem, a leader in community water connectivity.

The collaboration between The Artery and Ousewem seeks to spark meaningful conversations among farmers, landowners, and communities regarding the critical link between land use and flood risk. With Ousewem’s mission to connect communities through water and The Artery’s commitment to fostering dialogue and awareness, the partnership aims to address key areas including strategic development, communication, audience engagement, and creative upskilling.

Local filmmakers Ruth Garrett and Billy White have been enlisted to create a powerful video exploring the themes important to farmers and landowners in considering nature-based solutions (NbS) and natural flood management (NFM) systems. With their deep roots in the Yorkshire Dales and firsthand understanding of rural life, Ruth and Billy are uniquely positioned to capture the essence of the challenges and opportunities facing these communities.

The resulting film serves as a poignant portrayal of the issues at hand, showcasing The Artery’s ability to navigate complex topics and drive positive change. Through compelling storytelling and visual imagery, the video invites viewers to explore the intersections of land use, flood risk, and community resilience.

“We’re delighted with the piece The Artery has created.  It goes straight to the heart of the challenges faced by farmers and landowners,” said Victoria Murray, Innovative Flood Resilience Project Manager, City of York Council.

Karen Merrifield,  Innovate Educate Ltd, added, “This collaboration exemplifies The Artery’s commitment to bridging the gap between creativity and social impact. By leveraging the power of film and storytelling, The Artery and Ousewem are paving the way for constructive dialogue and collective action.

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