Twin sisters publish The Brand Power Manifesto to upskill female entrepreneurs

Chloe and Abigail Baldwin, are twin sisters, business partners, and now co-authors. They were shaped by their modest upbringing and sought out their own opportunities. With no prior business experience (but fuelled by sheer determination) they established Buttercrumble, an award-winning creative studio.

Their inspiring but down-to-earth story is now immortalised in their debut book, The Brand Power Manifesto, to be published globally by BIS Publishers in mid-May 2024. Designed and illustrated by the sisters themselves, this book encapsulates their journey and passion for building brands.

Through personal anecdotes, practical guidance, and engaging activities, The Brand Power Manifesto offers a roadmap for aspiring women in business. Branding is a powerful skill to learn because it can provide confidence. It’s a testament to Chloe and Abigail’s belief that success is within reach, regardless of one’s background or circumstances.

This story has not gone unnoticed. The book features a foreword by Sir John Sorrell and Lady Frances Sorrell, revered figures in the design industry and champions of creative education (through founding the National Saturday Club).

Co-author Abigail reflects, “We grew up without business experience or mogul connections. Yet, we could make a sustainable living from our passion by building a brand around what we do. So, we want to inspire others — especially young women — interested in creative enterprise”.

The Brand Power Manifesto is a beacon of hope and possibility for young entrepreneurs. It’s available through a range of stockists, including independent booksellers and Waterstones. It invites readers to join Chloe and Abigail on their extraordinary journey from zero to hero, one page at a time.